• team building for employee engagementIn a recent research study (Society for Human Resource Management), employee engagement was reported to be the most pressing human capital challenge in today’s economic environment according to 38% of HR professionals. The next most important challenge was identified as developing the next generation of organizational leaders by 31% of HR professionals.
  • A few years ago, The Gallup Organization published research about talent retention/employee engagement based on 25 years’ worth of interviews with over a million employees. They synthesized their research into their “Q12” formula which identified the key factors that produced higher productivity and profits. The foundation of CRG’s talent retention philosophy, content and tools map against this Q12 formula with a high degree of accuracy. Contact us to receive more information about this comparison.
  • Gallup’s conclusions suggested that most companies aren’t even playing the right game.”Most companies treat every one of their people the same. They play checkers with them. The best managers play chess with their people, knowing that every person is different.”


Toronto employee engagement for team buildingCRG has become known for our innovative tools and processes to help companies shift to a more “one-employee-at-a-time” culture which always drives higher productivity and bottom-line results.