Team Building Activities Toronto, Ontario

Our themed team building activities combine team dynamics with the adventure and excitement of popular reality TV shows. Teams compete against each other and the clock in a combination of competitions that are guaranteed to keep everyone energized. Or, there are a myriad of “non-themed” options from which you may choose one that will work best with your objectives and organizational culture.

We also offer a variety of ways to add a charitable context to nearly all of our formats. The groups not only reap the benefits of outstanding team building outcomes, but also can identify and produce charitable results for their choice of charities.

All of our team building designs are created to strengthen communication skills, promote teamwork and creativity in a care-free, fun and social environment. Our unique interactive programming, coupled with professional execution ensures that your team building activity will surpass all expectations. Watch your teams as they strategize, construct solutions and work as a high-performing unit, not even realizing that they are learning from their fun experience.

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team building in Toronto Ontario Canada and USA using Survivor challenges

  • Incentive. A powerful morale booster to reward teams or launch aggressive sales targets and business initiatives.
  • Celebration. Spice up annual conferences, board retreats, association meetings. A great “marketing” feature that will motivate more people to attend your meeting.
  • Bonding. Help team members forget past personal differences and bring new hires closer together fast. Bring out the best in your team or department by working with each other in a different environment.
  • Icebreaker. A great way to break down barriers when team members don’t know each other very well.

    Any Location … Any Objective … Any Size … Any Time of Year … Any Budget

  • Apprentice team building activity for Toronto Ontario Canada and USA


  • Team building activities can be held in nearly any location around the globe … the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia.
    Start wherever you wish, go wherever you like, and finish wherever you choose.
  • Since many of our team building activities are not weather-dependent, they can be run at any time of year.
    We can arrange a team event on very short notice and with little time and effort required by you.
  • Team building activities can be created or customized that will work for both small and large groups; from two hours to two days.
    You can select from a list of destinations and activities to create an event specifically designed for your group’s culture and objectives … everything from a giant “human hamster” race to a wild relay course can be incorporated to maximize your group’s excitement. Or, select a less energetic format that will produce excellent results.
  • Suitable for cross-functional, cross-generational and cross-gender teams at all levels.
  • Our unique and quick team building debriefing process at the end of the event delivers powerful teamwork learning’s that can be transferred and followed up back on the job.
  • We can design your session to be light and easy, or difficult and extreme to suit your specific needs, including options for special needs such as participants in wheelchairs or other disabilities. We can recommend venues for locations throughout North American and abroad.
  • In addition to being a strong team building activity, this is a great way to get to know a city or resort location. It can offer you added value by maximizing your return on investment for event dollars that you will spend anyway.

team building with remote teams in Toronto Ontario Canada and USA