Work-life balance values fulfilment has never been more critical and more challenging for organizations that must address the values and needs of five different generations…

During change, the employee’s entire home life arrives with them (mentally) every morning. Stress is circular. If it has migrated home the night before, it will recycle back to the job the next day. Left unchecked, this kind of stress becomes a quick destroyer of morale and commitment.

This tool, in the format of a board game, helps people clarify their personal values, with a process for assuming more accountability for unmet needs. It helps them see that unmet values can be fulfilled in other aspects of life outside of work. It encourages authentic conversations with others who can be supportive.

Unresolved stress and work-life balance issues can quickly drain your group of its top talent.
As a result of this talent retention tool, your organization will be better able to:

  • Reduce the level of personal stress.
  • Monitor perceptions of corporate culture and morale.
  • Encourage employee ownership for work-life balance and talent retention.
Team Building Values Portfolio
A fun and value-added tool to incorporate into a retreat or off-site meeting, providing great takeaway information for everyone