Change-proof critical team building relationships and re-channel

energy wasted on resistance …

During change, work relationships and team building often take a beating.  The social network is fragmented, particularly if people are working alongside others they hardly know.

Team building has never been more important, and has never been more vulnerable.  Left unaddressed, minor annoyances become full-out desk rage.  This talent retention tool helps people assess three critical networks:  Team, Organization, and Profession.  It gives them tips on how to take action to change-proof those three networks and hold authentic talent retention conversations with key players in each team building network.

Rebuilding team relationships always rebuilds commitment.  Commitment always diminishes “Quit-&-Leave” and “Quit-&-Stay.™

As a result of this talent retention tool, the organization will be able to:

  • Reconstruct fragmented teams
  • Restore corporate pride.
  • Encourage employee ownership for teamwork and talent retention.
talent retention network navigator"