Tool for personal skills assessment in less than 5 minutes …

  • During change, some people end up with reshuffled job placements.
  • By choice or by chance, they lose the kind of work they really like.
  • Good news: a paycheck. Bad news: no passion for what they’re doing each and every day.
  • Change is always easier for those who spend their days doing what they love.

This easy and quick talent retention inventory provides a fun way for people to examine their preferences and skills within six dimensions.  The tool helps users develop a picture of their areas of excellence, areas of development, areas of potential burnout, and elements to further explore. It provides a vehicle for authentic talent retention conversations about skills and interests.

As a result of this tool, the organization will be better able to:

  • Quickly mobilize restructured work teams.
  • Identify barriers to high-performing individuals and teams.
  • Raise the bar.
cinema - Tool for personal skills assessment