your best swimmers are first to jump ship …

During change, employees become preoccupied with self-preservation. Career plans seem dead in the water at first. All of the “me” anxiety creates questions with few clear answers. The rumor mill ramps up to fill the void and starts a serious energy drain throughout the whole group.

This tool gives people back their power to look at the future from a fresh perspective. It helps them see the futility of hanging on to the past. It makes authentic conversations about career issues easier for both team members and team leaders/coaches.  Unresolved career issues always stall momentum and energy for change. Only when people rediscover hope for the future will they be able to get on with business.

As a result of this team building tool, the organization will be able to:

  • Protect human capital assets
  • Provide a reality-check for career options
  • Encourage employee ownership for careers and self-development
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