Hands-On Action Oriented Resources

Designed for today’s faster-paced work world

No tool requires more than 10 minutes to complete

All of our materials and tools are modular and highly cost effective. They can be tailored to meet your specific needs, budgets, and used as:

  • A complete facilitated talent retention or team building workshop or team meeting (your facilitators or ours)
  • Enhancements to your existing talent programs
  • Stand alone modular components including facilitation guides
Card Chat

Talent Retention Card Deck™

A unique color-coded deck of playing cards with several “games” to help individuals identify their unique workplace satisfaction priorities. Applications for this tool include leadership/employee…

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Values Portfolio™

This “board game” assists individuals in clarifying their values and reveals those values that are of prime importance to an individual. It provides a fun and non-threatening way to identify those values…

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Card Chat™

A self-paced guide to 25 more ways to use the Talent Retention Card Deck.™ Applications include a series of “games” for team building, for career planning and for friends and family (such as work-life balance).

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This easy and quick inventory provides a fun way for people to examine their interests and skills within six dimensions: Creativity, Interpersonal, Numerical, Entrepreneurial, Manual, Analytical. Users can also develop a picture…

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Network Navigator™

This tool helps participants assess their relationships in three different arenas: team, organization and profession. It helps people examine the essential people in their networks, and provides a unique approach to applying…

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Career Path™

This tool focuses on the importance of developing multiple career options to meet the challenges of today’s new world of work. As a self-scoring instrument, it quickly produces a ranking of preferences for various career possibilities.

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