Our “Amazing” version contains a number of unique team building features, such as:

  • An innovative way to create organization-specific themes that encourage humor, which is part of the overall scoring criteria for selecting the Grand Championship Team. Guaranteed to be one of the most hilarious days of the year!
  • Strategy is critical at every step in the hunt. Teams can choose low-scoring, but easier to find, items and spend more time on another part of the event. Or, they may choose to go after a few high scoring – but more difficult to find – items and spend less time on the other sections.
  • Each team will receive a cash fund that, again, requires creative strategies about how best to use time and resources.Toronto team activity scavenger hunt
  • After teams have obtained all scavenger hunt items, they return to the starting location where they will complete the next section of the challenge which requires creativity, time management, project management, delegation, continued strategic planning and problem-solving, and presentation skills.
Team building scavenger hunt for Toronto Ontario Canada and USA


  • This is truly an updated, exciting new great spin on the “oldie-but-goodie” team building scavenger hunt model. Because of the flexibility in our version, it can be used for team meetings and team events/retreats in any location … to support any objective … with groups of any size … any time of year … and it can be shaped to fit any budget.
The Amazing Scavenger Hunt Toronto