Free Team Building Ideas





  • Approximately one-half hour for group of 12; (more, based on number of participants and length of debrief desired)


  • 10 to any number, depending on space


  • Markers for the beginning & finish line (cones, rope, etc.)


  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Cooperation

Preparation and Notes for Facilitator:

  • Mark off start and finish lines with cones, rope, stakes, etc.
  • Find a creative way to create partners.
  • Have the partner groups line up behind the start line and explain that the partners must travel over the finish line while maintaining continuous contact with each other’s feet.
  • If anyone in the group loses contact with his/her partner’s foot, the partner (or the entire group) must start over.

Facilitate the activity:

  • Ask several individuals to be “coaches” who will provide verbal assistance from the sidelines.
  • Ask several individuals to be “managers” who provide direction while the group is unable to talk. Try again where the group is able to speak and negotiate.
  • Ask several individuals to be “senior management” who say nothing during the activity but who must assess whether the group was successful or not.

Debrief questions:

  1. What was the most difficult aspect of the task?
  2. How did the coaches go about about providing their advice? How was it received?
  3. What was the impact of not being able to talk and communicate?
  4. Did the “senior management” accurately predict success?