Change Management in Toronto, Ontario

  • Toronto change managementOur concrete strategies and tools for managing change create leadership amid chaos and confusion.  And produce leaders willing and able to make the tough decisions that change always brings.
  • Getting people to step out of their comfort zones is hard work.  There will be resistance.  There will be pain.  There will be stress.  Leaders can’t do it all.  Team members need to take more responsibility for themselves.  And they need to understand why the most dangerous choice of all is not to change with the times.
  • Providing tools and proven strategies for protecting productivity, people and customers is what our change management programs are all about.
  • You will use these strategies over and over in the years ahead. They can be applied to any change, in any industry.
  • The only sure thing is that there will be more change, and it’ll come at you faster than ever. Studies show worker resistance is always the #1 barrier to successful change management.  Which is not to say that all resisters are mean-spirited.  If fact, people who battle against change often believe they are protecting the organization.

Team building to manage changeThe good news:

  • It’s all predictable.  There are logical, methodical, proven strategies to get you through change. They also support you and reduce your levels of stress and change fatigue.
  • That doesn’t mean it won’t be uncomfortable.  Maybe even painful.  You probably won’t be able to make the change go away, but you sure can decide how you will respond to it.
  • If you are struggling with change, your reactions are normal – even healthy.  But to get stuck in resistance is to invite Quit-&-Stay ™ survivor traps.  Quit-&-Stay ™ is no place to hide out, waiting for the storm to blow over.  The stress of a passionless Quit-&-Stay ™ work life only adds insult to injury.  Besides, before this change blows over, another one will be howling down the halls.

If you think managing change has been challenging up to now, experts say today’s unprecedented generational mix could slow change recovery down to a lethargic shuffle. 

team building can reduce resistance to change

During change, you need teams to be running marathons for you, not dragging their feet in resistance. For the first time in organizational history, you need to inspire and motivate teams that include FOUR different generations. And each generation has their own Quit-&-Leave + Quit-&-Stay triggers.

  • As the saying goes, you can’t lead if no one wants to follow. During change, you need to communicate bad news, persuade teams to follow you into uncharted territory, provide a clear sense of direction when goals are fuzzy, build a compelling case for your change initiative, and be a good role model through it all. You need out-of-the-box communication skills to pull this off. Effective two-way communication has been proven over and over to be the #1 driver of successful change efforts.
  • Responding to today’s rapidly changing marketplace and technologies requires a new kind of leadership approach. You most likely need to get more done, faster, smarter, and with fewer resources. With people who are confused, grumpy or downright defiant. When productivity is getting hammered from all sides, you still need to deliver results. Out-of-the-box thinking will protect both you and your team, and your bottom line.
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