• We have developed some innovative Apprentice Project Tasks that use a park setting and that deliver team building results which always exceed our client’s expectations. Because of the way we have re-invented the team design, this theme delivers hilarious moments that people remember for weeks afterwards. At the same time, it produces powerful business case learning’s that will pleasantly surprise your managers/executives.
  • Some of these ROI areas include valuable bottom-line skill development such as customer service strategy, brand management, project management and sales/marketing. You can customize the criteria for judging so that it links with a conference agenda or any of your internal organizational initiatives. Or, you can have an event that just delivers fun and celebration.
  • There are many Project Tasks for this team builder that can be used both indoors and outdoors, or a combination of both.
Beyond the Apprentice
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There is no “You’re Fired!” In fact, this talent retention event is designed to help organizations keep their people “more hired.”

  • Our Apprentice templates and flexible core components can be quickly and easily modified to create a team building event that follows the TV format, but also meets your specific objectives and organizational culture. Once we have an understanding of the context for your event, we offer a series of choices from which you can create a team program that will energize and recharge your teams.
  • We have successful models for this event that will work with all sizes of groups, from a dozen people to hundreds of participants. As a team building session, it can be delivered either indoors or outdoors, or a combination of both, even incorporating poor weather conditions as part of the Project Task.
  • In addition to a fun and powerful team building activity, we can deliver a business simulation to produce real-time business results for you using the Apprentice theme. Examples: developing a new/improved customer service initiative, new product development, new marketing ideas or to address an operational challenge. There is virtually no limit to the Project Tasks that can be successfully utilized in this format.
  • CRG is known for its commitment to developing events that ensure the safety of all participants. We have creative designs that allow people with special needs (such as wheelchairs, hearing and sight challenges) to participate to the full extent of their ability and comfort level. Our formats ensure that every participant feels that they have contributed to the success of their team’s effort.
  • There are unlimited possibilities to customize an event so that it meets most organizational time and budget parameters. There are also options to incorporate a charitable aspect in the team outcomes.
  • This team building event can be structured to incorporate solid educational components of your choice, or designed for basic entertainment and fun. Educational components can include nearly any topic that meets your current objectives and organizational challenges. Debriefs can be extensive or minimal, based on your vision for the event.
  • You may use our event planner, or arrange your own facilities. Our comprehensive planning process ensures your event will have the highest probability of success.

Client feedback indicates that our Apprentice team building theme and activities produce pragmatic, content-related results that are rarely perceived as “fluff” or “gimmicky” by participants.