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Minneapolis Community Technical College

CRG partnered with the Finance Department at MCTC to develop a new Minneapolis Amazing Race team game that could be used for team building year round, even in the worst mid-western winter weather!

At the end of the event, we asked participants what had become clear to them about the value and importance of teamwork. A few of their comments:

  • “The only way to complete a task is to work together as a team; you are only as strong as your weakest link.”
  • “You need to tap the individual talents of each team member to be successful; It’s important to clearly understand a task before beginning.”
  • “Everyone plays a part in the success of any team project; I learned a lot about going outside my comfort zone.”
  • “Communications are prime importance in team building; Thinking things through to the end – the future – not just jumping into a task.”
  • “There needs to be a clear team vision that everyone understands. You accomplish more (Goal) as a team than as an individual; What one person may have as a weakness may be another’s strength. Need to be able to depend on each other to contribute.”
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Fund Raiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters

CRG donated all the organization and facilitation for a major fundraiser, providing team building materials and services to support an event for over 200 participants.

Some comments from the participants:

  • A lot of fun
  • It was a lot of fun & I would definitely do it again
  • I look forward to this next year
  • Great morning – well worth the effort – Thank you
  • Good times!
  • Good event, well organized
  • Awesome
  • Fantastic team builder and a lot of fun
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A major financial services client recently asked us:

“We want to build an appreciation of what is entailed for a diverse group of people that do not regularly work together to be put in a task oriented situation  – so in our case, how can people from our different geographies work?”

Our Amazing Race team game produced an event for them that successfully met that challenge.  They said:

Your Amazing Race team builder was an enjoyable, practical exercise in teaming and situational leadership. The final debrief met our plan and was tied back to business objectives.”
L.W., V.P., Commercial Banking. CIBC

Other client’s feedback on our Amazing Race team game:

“We would like to thank you and your team for putting together an amazing “Beyond The Amazing Race” team building program for our National Sales meeting. Your organization and attention to detail ensured that the program ran smoothly and on time. It was great how you could customize the program to our group’s size, location and time guidelines.
This is a great team building activity. Everyone left our meeting feeling more confident as a team and totally energized … We can’t wait to do it again!”  D.E., Philips Electronics


There are no “eliminations”   In fact, this talent retention event is designed to help organizations keep their people “in the race.”

  • Templates and flexible core components can be quickly and easily modified to create a team building game that meets your specific objectives and organizational culture.  Once we have an understanding of the context for your event, we offer a series of choices from which you can build a program that will energize and recharge your teams.
  • This team builder can be conducted outdoors and off-site, or we have designs that can be used within your facilities.  It can even incorporate poor weather conditions as part of the challenges.  However, based on your locale, there are many creative ways to structure a team building event to avoid adverse weather conditions, such as utilizing a subway system or a large shopping facility.
  • You may elect to organize the facilities and venue yourselves, or use our professional event planning services. We have successful models for this team game that will work with groups of all sizes, from a dozen people to hundreds of participants. There are unlimited possibilities to customize an event that meets most organizational time and budget restraints, including:

Our flexible Route designs offer every kind of option from:

Casual events. requiring little/no athletic ability and compressed to a small area within a city/town or park requiring no team transportation

highly physical events that require varying degrees of exertion, and that cover a wide radius incorporating public transit systems, taxis, bicycles, rickshaws


Luxury events.  Limos, planes and yachts are just a few examples of team game options that can be used for transporting participants from location to location in comfort … or used as rewards and prizes for winning challenges.

We can recommend similar venues for other team building locations throughout North American and abroad, ranging from high-value economical choices that will fit within nearly any budget, to the most luxurious.

  • Cruise Ship events.    Use one of our professionally organized team games that incorporate various ports of call, as well as activities while aboard the ship.
  • Trade Show events.   Entertain your trade show delegates and make the event more productive for exhibitors. Attendees receive challenges from participating exhibitors as they visit each booth.
  • Extreme events.  The next level of our events. Participants are given more challenging tasks to complete and depending on the location, must perform “extreme” activities such as rock climbing, paddling, go-karting, etc.

In addition to being a strong relationship-builder, this is an active way to get to know a city or resort location.  It can offer you added value by maximizing your return on investment for event dollars that you will spend anyway.

This out-of-the-box concept keeps your team building events upbeat, but can be structured to incorporate solid educational components, or designed for just basic entertainment and fun. Educational components can include nearly any topic that meets your current objectives and organizational challenges.  Debriefs can be extensive or minimal, based on your vision for the event.

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