No one gets voted off … our Beyond Survivor™ event is designed to “keep talent on the island (in your organization).”

  • Beyond Survivor™ is one of the most flexible formats of our reality-themed team building exercises. It can be delivered within a time frame of two hours, a half day, full day or even several days. We have designs for team exercises that require absolutely no athletic ability at all. Or, based on your group’s demographics, we can incorporate team exercises that are more physically challenging.
  •  As a team building session, Beyond Survivor™ can be delivered either indoors or outdoors, even incorporating poor weather conditions as part of the challenges. There are unlimited possibilities to customize an event that meets most organizational time and budget parameters.
  • CRG is known for its commitment to developing team building exercises that ensure the safety of all participants. We have creative designs that allow people with special needs (such as wheelchairs, hearing and sight challenges) to participate to the full extent of their ability and comfort level. Our team building exercises ensure that every participant feels that they have contributed to the success of their team’s effort. Ask about our options for Survivor charitable ideas.
  • Our Survivor team event can easily be customized to incorporate solid educational components, or designed for basic entertainment and fun. We have an intellectual element in our challenges that offers opportunities to use your organization-specific information for unlimited applications. Educational components can be included in Survivor to incorporate nearly any topic that meets your current objectives and organizational challenges.
  • Survivor team building debriefs can be extensive or minimal, based on your vision for the event. They can be conducted by our facilitators or yours, or a combination of both.

ABB Beyond Survivor Yellowstone Retreat


  • ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies with operations in more than 100 countries. Their challenge for CRG was to create a 4-day total conference strategy including event planning and a major team building event that would link to their current international joint venture with IBM, called Project Yellowstone.
  • We developed a complete Survivor event package that was held in Yellowstone National Park, including sourcing airlines, hotels, meeting space, local ground transportation. We negotiated budgets for guest rooms, food and beverage, meeting rooms, audio-visual, conference signage, message center and audio-visual. We recommended, priced, and arranged preparation and production for in-room participant “Welcome to Beyond Survivor™: Yellowstone” packages containing information about local tour offerings and attractions including suggestions for participant spouses/partners.

Client feedback indicates that our Survivor team building theme and exercises produce pragmatic, content-related results that are rarely perceived as “fluff” or “gimmicky” by participants. For more details on Beyond Survivor,™ submit the Information Request form on our Contact Us page.

Beyond Survivor™ Retreat for Cisco Conference


  • Cisco asked CRG to create a Survivor team building event for their conference in Niagara Falls that would be both educational and entertaining for 80 diverse technology professionals. The conference theme was “Collaborate & Conquer,” reflecting their current challenge to promote virtual teams working on customer solutions from US, India, China to connect/disconnect quickly on a global basis.
  • Additionally, they wanted a strong team building diversity exercise to enhance sensitivities to customers and co-workers.