• Who Wants to be a Millionaire team gameBeyond Millionaire™ is not just a “game;” it’s a team building event, offering opportunities for debriefing the quality of teamwork from many different perspectives. There are unlimited opportunities to compare the Beyond Millionaire™ experience to the everyday world of work. We can collaborate with you to incorporate topics/questions that will jump-start initiatives or action plans that can continue to be followed up and worked on for weeks or months after the event. Or, you may choose to have an event that just provides entertainment and fun.
  • This is the single most flexible of all the reality themes. It allows you to pick and choose questions from among many suggestions so that you craft an event that fits your group’s culture and your specific outcomes for the session. And, of all the reality themes, it offers the most flexibility in meeting your time constraints.



  • Our client, Manhattan-based Millennium Partners, has developed over 1,000 luxury condominiums, eight five-star hotels, an extended-stay luxury hotel, 1,000,000 square feet of office space, 1,200,000 square feet of retail space, 3,750 parking spaces, four Loews Cineplex theaters and five magnificent health clubs.  With the acquisition of six health clubs, Millennium Partners now owns and operates an impressive portfolio worth over $4 billion.
  • Their challenge for CRG was to create a fast-paced team building event that would be primarily entertaining and recreational.
  • They had selected Spotlight Live, a karaoke nightclub in Times Square as the venue. The company executives wanted an event that would include karaoke as a small part, but wanted something that was more team-based as part of their team building agenda.
  • We suggested Beyond Millionaire™ and worked with them to create questions that were specific to their business and New York City, as well as using some of our endless supply of fun trivia questions.


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Beyond Millionaire team event in New York City


  • Questions can serve as lead-in topics for almost any educational content, or they can be humorous “little known facts” about participants…. or a combination of both!
  • We have re-invented the scoring system to be team-based, and no one knows who is winning until the very end of the game.
  • This format can be a great short ice-breaker for a conference or retreat, or a fun way to deliver key facts and information that participants are sure to remember. One version can be used as a theme for our regular workshops such as talent recruitment, interviewing, motivation, leadership, communication, diversity, influencing. It can also be customized as a fun but effective “final exam” for technical skills training.
  • Client feedback indicates that our Beyond Millionaireteam building theme and activities produce pragmatic, content-related results that are rarely perceived as “fluff” or “gimmicky” by participants.
  • You may choose to arrange the facilities and venue yourselves, or use our professional event planning service.
Who Wants to be a Millionaire team building game for Toronto Ontario Canada and USA

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