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Harness change and use it as an engine for high-performance team building

Toronto Team Building for Change

Change always creates energy. Unleashed, that energy can turn negative and scorchthe organization beyond recovery. Channel it, and it will power up teams to new heights of performance.

There are three guarantees about change:

  • Change will never stop.  It will only accelerate, particularly in organizations driven by technology change.
  • Change will be more complex than ever before.  Change is never problem-free.
  • Each of us must be accountable for shortening the transition period in order to protect productivity, profits and customer service.  No matter what level in the organization.

CRG’s team programs give you the strategies to move your organization and your teams beyond just surviving, to actually discovering ways to thrive during uncertain times … by finding the new opportunities that change always brings.

Studies show worker resistance is always the #1 barrier to successful change management.  Which is not to say that all resisters are mean-spirited.  If fact, people who battle against change often believe they are protecting the organization.

The good news:

It’s all predictable.  There are logical, methodical, proven team building strategies to get you through change. They also support you and reduce your levels of stress and change fatigue.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be uncomfortable.  Maybe even painful.  You probably won’t be able to make the change go away, but you sure can decide how you will respond to it.

If you are struggling with change, your reactions are normal – even healthy.  But to get stuck in resistance is to invite Quit-&-Stay™survivor traps.  Quit-&-Stay™ is no place to hide out, waiting for the storm to blow over.  The stress of a passionless Quit-&-Stay™work life only adds insult to injury.  Furthermore, before this change blows over, another one will be howling down the halls.

Careers are not working the way they used to.And same-old career planning is not working today, either.Sometimes, careers don’t even change … they just plain disappear. Magnificently designed career options can be dead in the water overnight. Endless spread-sheet action plans that took forever to write are obsolete even before they’re half-finished.  Cherished skills vaporize before your eyes.

Toronto Team Building for Change

CRG provides change management “sound-byte” tools and just-in-time processes to keep careers on track in an ever-shifting and uncertain organizational landscape.

During change, career success belongs to the committed.  Not only is commitment good for the organization, it is critical for you.  Without it, Quit-&-Stay is a certainty.  It’s impossible to endure Quit-&-Stay for long.  The stress of passionless work becomes suffocating.  Before long, Quit-&-Leave is the only answer.  If you’re going to leave, do it at the top of your game as an authentic choice … not as the last gasp of a change “survivor.”

Toronto Team Building for Change

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